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Upcoming Classes


Belly Dancing ClassSeries
Fridays, August 30th-October 4th • 6-7pm • $10/class

Northland Midwifery is offering this class with Samia Smith. The intention of this class is for women to get a good cardio workout and to express their feminine instinct, move freely, express their love for life, music, and each other, and develop acceptance and confidence for themselves and their bodies.

Reiki Training for Kids
Saturday, September 28th 1-3pm

This is a class for kids ages 6-12 who wish to be attuned to and learn to practice Reiki on each other, plants, animals, crystals, their food, and all life around them. Kids will learn about Reiki energy, where it comes from and how to use it. We will play with Reiki on each other and empower kids that they have healing power within them!

Reiki Share
Sunday September 8th, 6:30-8pm

This event is for Reiki practitioners of any level or lineage. Come and learn something new, meditate together, and practice Reiki healing on one another. Experience the power of group Reiki and connect with like minded people! 6:30-8pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month.


wisdom Center For Change



Mind Body Psychotherapy


Sound Healing




The wisdom

The wisdom in action is our medicine, based in ancient truths of healing the mind, body, and spirit. We have been soaked in their powerful essence, been walking on their paths for many years. We honor and are humbled by the wisdom and its source, and it fills us with confidence as we have felt for ourselves how it heals at the root of our wounds.


The Center

We believe in the power of safe and sacred space. the center is a place where we can experience healing, understanding, inspiration, and community. Connection is so crucial, to feel felt and to feel the center within. wherever and however you are, We welcome you with open arms!


The Change

When you change, the world changes. To understand the power of your own awakening is key. We embody or become what we rest our attention on. We want to bring your attention to your inherent goodness, the beauty around you, your ability to heal, the divine wisdom within you and its perfect expression. We want to empower you to follow your heart’s path, to experience a world that honors freedom, life and love over anything else.


are you ready for change?