Ongoing Classes


Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga

SUNDAYS @ 5PM • 60 MINUTES • $10

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga is a self-healing system intended to gently massage and balance the subtle energy body.  This practice was developed by Tarthang Tulku and is rooted in ancient spiritual and healing traditions. Kum Nye incorporates movements, stillness, breath, and postures to stimulate and balance the flow of energy within us. It is a journey  inward,  with many treasures waiting to be found. Healing, joy, relaxation, intuition, understanding, and connection! Kum Nye can transform your experience of life in powerful ways! This is a drop in class with no registration or experience required. Led by Blaire Hysjulien.


Mommy & Me Music & Movement Class

Fridays @ 12 PM and/or 12:40PM • 30 MINUTES• $5-15 Sliding Fee

Our busy lives can make it difficult to focus on play and exploration with our babes. This class is designed for you and baby to bond and broaden your experience together through music and movement. Mamas will love the opportunity to stretch and strengthen their bodies. Babies will enjoy being held, swayed, and swung in new and different ways. The class is designed for babies around ages 4-12 months, however, modifications can be made or you can let your babe wander and play. We have a separate and quieter room for breastfeeding or sleeping babes. Come experience the joy of dancing and playing together with our beautiful Twin Ports family. This is a drop-in class, no registration required. You can stay for one 30 minute session or both! Developed and led by Blaire Hysjulien and Petra Penicova.


special events

Beginner’s Meditation Workshop

August 3rd • 11:30-1:30 • 120 MINUTES • $30

This is a short workshop to introduce you to different types of meditation. I will guide you in practicing these meditations and hope for you to find one that you really connect to. Learn and practice everything from posture, mudras, mantras, chakras to to visualization, insight meditation, and mindfulness meditation. You will learn how to overcome obstacles to meditation and how to create space in your life for a meditation practice of your own. Book below! Led by Blaire Hysjulien.


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