I have been a patient of both Blaire and Emily for a few years now. My experience with the services they provide soothes my soul! Acupuncture has helped me with medical issues, but more importantly it keeps me balanced and mentally healthy. I also love how Emily incorporates tuning forks into her practice! I have also had reiki sessions with Blaire. These sessions left me relaxed, feeling calm and centered. I can’t recommend these services enough, they truly make me feel whole.
— Nichole, Duluth

I was blessed to have experienced one of Emily’s esoteric acupuncture sessions…which resulted in rather a profound vision! The acupuncture first made me feel very light, like my body was floating. Then, during the sound therapy (she used both tuning forks and beautiful singing bowls) I had a vision of myself ‘shedding’ my skin!! (Wow!) I could see the old me kind of in a heap on the table, and the new me came up and out of my old skin, but instead of skin I was now made up of hundreds of stars and galaxies and planets and the night sky. I kind of hovered over the table in a meditative state, completely calm and at peace with my current state of being. I have gone back to that feeling many times since!! One of my intentions before the session was to let go of old habits and thought patterns that were no longer serving me or possible even holding me back….and I truly believe that this is what my vision was affirming! In the days following my treatment, I’ve had a renewed focus on a higher set of goals and have had a few things become crystal-clear to me that were foggy before. So worth it! And while I don’t expect a vision of this magnitude every time, the natural high and euphoric feeling I felt afterwards will definitely ensure I return.
— Sarah, Duluth

This is a beautiful and calming space, so warm and inviting. I attended the Kum Nye class led by Blaire which was amazing! She is a great teacher with a soothing voice. The music that accompanied the class was also really relaxing. I will definitely be back for another class!
— Amy, Duluth

So grateful to have found Rooted Folks Center for Evolution. The open and airy 2nd Floor space in a beautiful historic building feels comfortable, familiar, welcoming, yet private. Was easy to find with lots of convenient parking.
— Sarah, Duluth

The Twins, Blaire and Emily are an amazing duo if you seek of peace and healing outside of the realm of Western Medicine.

Emily is the most gentle acupuncture guru among other talents. Being adverse to needles, I sought her out 6 years ago in a last ditch effort to avoid surgery on my forearm. She was gentle, calmed my anxiety, and only used a few really tiny needles, which healed me forever after four treatments! As I became braver, Emily continued to heal me with her baby needles for a variety of conditions including, chronic pain, autoimmune, allergies, thyroid, anxiety, and more! Her willingness to work above and beyond has led us to group acupuncture settings with those I coach for the past year or so.

Emily’s mirror image, Blaire has a very calm, caring demeanor as well! Her talents lie in the area of yoga, meditation, Reiki, psychotherapy and more. The groups I work with have benefited from Yoga/Meditation sessions and a Reiki session. Blaire performed a short Reiki session on myself, and wow, she can move the energy! Our whole group felt relaxed to the point of needing a nap prior to driving home after Yoga/meditation sessions. Her flexibility when scheduling and ability to adapt to the group’s needs is greatly appreciated!

This pair is worth checking out if you are in the market for changing your health for the better!
— Eve, Duluth

I attended one of Blaire’s Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga classes and was very pleasantly surprised at the relaxed, unique style. It was the first time I’d ever practiced this style of “yoga” and am SO glad I tried something different as it really resonated with me. It was very calming and set the table for a deep meditation / breathwork. Perfect for any level yogi or any human being really just wanting to enhance their self-awareness and go further inward. A focus of the nights class was on ‘open-ness’ and the neck and afterwards I left feeling so much more open and aligned. It’s exactly what I needed, even though I had no clue that’s what I needed! Funny how that all seems to work out. I will be back and am now intrigued by the Kum Nye practice.
— Sarah, Duluth

Blaire is an amazing teacher, I recommend her class 100%!
— Eric, Duluth

Wisdom Center for Change holds space for us to peel back our layers and expose our own true self, in our own true way and space and time.
— Sarah, Duluth